Interior painting, spackle and bathtub refinishing

Jorge’s Painting performed interior painting services for a valued customer in Lakewood, New Jersey. Our customer was also interested in covering the original color of the bathroom fixtures, the large bathtub and sink as well. Yes, this is absolutely a service we can provide.

Refresh the look of your bathroom by refinishing your bathtub and sink. The first thing to do is to strip off the old finish and to sand the tub to create a smooth surface. Then, any holes, cracks, chips or rust spots are repaired. Finally, a primer, multiple layers of specialty coating and a sealant are applied. The bathtub can be used again in one to three days, and the finish will last 10-15 years.

The following photos show the first stage of this project. Our company will return to complete the bathroom renovation. The original wall was badly damaged so we put up 3/8″ drywall on top of it and spackled. The homeowner requested that we paint the walls just a neutral white color.

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